Join us for a New Year’s Eve feast!

Join us this New Year’s Eve as we pay tribute to a world-renowned Chef, and one of our favourite culinary heroes, Thomas Keller.

In our restaurant sits a framed excerpt from Keller’s book, The French Laundry. In it, Keller recounts the first time he slaughtered a rabbit. It wasn’t an easy kill and the experience left him with a profound respect for where food comes from. From the experience, he vowed to use all of his powers as a chef to make the most of every plate.

The moral of the story is one we also hold dear — a chef should never waste anything, ever, and always respect the food he creates for other people.

And so, inspired by the incredible cooking philosophies of Thomas Keller, and in homage to him and all the staff in his restaurants, we are offering an extensive list of phenomenal feature dishes this New Year’s Eve, including:

A half rabbit — done seven ways and served on seven plates, including: liver pate, kidney and onions, rillettes, guanciale-wrapped loin, stuffed pasta in broth, hind leg, and house-cured rabbit bacon, smoked and candied and served on panna cotta.

Also on feature this New Year’s Eve:

Blini with house-made water buffalo butter

Breakfast for dinner: Sous vide qaile eggs, duck fat confit potatoes, double-smoked bacon, olive oil brioche and Becca’s famous jam.

Butter poached lobster with béarnaise sauce

Tuna Carpaccio with pepper confetti, chives, parsley oil, lemon and water crackers.

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