Eat the Sheet at Posto!

Because we are crazy and we love what we do, Chef Ben and his team are constantly creating new and unique dishes at Posto.

Sometimes, our chefs get so excited they end up with an incredible list of weekly feature items.

When this happens, we’ve decided to offer group these features into a list called “Eat the Sheet.” And, because we want you to try everything, we are going to knock down the price too!

The best part about Eat the Sheet is you never know when the next one will be, or what will be on it. Stay tuned through our social media channels or email list for the next opportunity to come in to Posto and Eat the Sheet!

This weekend’s Eat the Sheet menu is:

Chips and dip

Nduja sausage

Pig face fritters

Lamb pizza pop

Brisket and beans

Lamb and hummus pita

Rapini pizza with house-made sausage


Book your next visit to Posto here and check out our last Eat the Sheet menu in the photo below!


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