Posto News

  • City Palate’s Pig & Pinot Festival

    City Palate Magazine’s 5th Annual Pig and Pinot Festival was held on June, 18 at Hotel Arts. This year, it... Read more

  • Fine Wine Fridays: La Spinetta, Vermentino

    Happy Friday #YYC! Next time you’re in for dinner and feeling a little adventurous, try La Spinetta Toscana Vermentino – One... Read more

  • “Creative” Chef Glen Manzer and His Porcetta

    If you haven’t seen this very cool video featuring one of the brains behind our deliciousness, Glen Manzer, check it... Read more

  • Tasting Note Tuesdays: Lupini Bean

    Lupini Bean Lupini Beans are yellowish-brown in colour and are members of the pea family. Lupini Beans have a slightly... Read more

  • Posto Joins The Cool Hipster Pizza Club

    Whether you like the classic, greasy deep dish, or a more refined thin crust with artisan toppings there’s a pizza... Read more

  • Tasting Note Tuesdays: Leeks

    Leek Like garlic and onion, leeks are a member of the allium family, but they have their own unique flavour... Read more